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FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 2:00am PST
concerns last summer. >>> the latest push in the terms of alternative energy and it is hurting the nation's most patriotic bird. diane macedo joins us now with the latest. >> it is against the law to kill a bald or golden eagle in the united states but not if you are an alternative energy company. they are moving toward finalizing a rule that would give alternative energy farms a 30 year pass for killing those protected birds. the rule extends to current five year permits that allow them to foregg for unintentionally killing the eagles which leads up to $5,000 and two years in prison. it prosecuted the first case against an energy company for a bird death. duke energy pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $1 million for killing 14 golden eagles that got stuck in the wind turbines over three years. while it will require farms to implement certain guidelines to help with eagle conservation it has still earned the president backlash from environmental groups that normally support them saying 30 years is too long and more research is needed to establish the overall effect alternative energy compan
FOX News
Dec 2, 2013 2:00am PST
with him and posted this note in his instagram. i will keep your energy with me forever hash tag ashes of an angel. fast family around the world we live you and we love you. paul is the heart pebeat of thi franchise. and we are going to see to it his energy and presence lives on forever hash tag my heart hurts so bad. walker is in the middle of shooting fast and furious 11. but tmz reports the production has been haumente -- halted. 35 people prl sent to the hospital. >>> i am extremely surprised that nobody was killed especially those vehicles under the trailer park. >> it was shut down for oh 4 and a half hours. am one person is dead at arrowhead stadium after the kansas city chief game. thefrp sitting inside another person's truck when the owner saw him. the man collapsed at the scene and died at the hospital. >>> the hospital told us there is no reason why he died. >> the incident had nothing to do with a fan rivalry. a plane landing at sky harbor airport at phoenix being advised to get tuberculosis shots. he was removed from the u.s. airways plane. his status was changed to no fly
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2